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Sunday, May 20, 2018
Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors

How Much to Give?

That’s between you and God. While we never tell anyone how much to give, we lift up the Biblical pattern of tithing giving the first 10% of our income to God as a practical discipline for spiritual growth. (Malachi 3:6—10) Some people begin with a smaller percentage and grow into the tithe. Those who are already giving ten percent often feel God calling them to give beyond the tithe as their faith and discipleship continue to grow. Everyone is challenged to “take the next step” in their giving.

Again, everyone must seek God’s direction in their giving decisions. Traditional interpretations indicate the Biblical tithe represents the “first fruits” of our income. By giving before the costs of housing, transportation, taxes, and other expenses, we honor the principle that God owns everything anyway and we can joyfully trust God to allow us to live fully on the other 90%.

Not when you are with us as a guest or when you are beginning your faith journey. We believe that the biblical practice of offering ten percent of our income to God is a valuable spiritual discipline. It can make a big difference in our lives and is a biblical expectation for committed disciples of Christ.

No. We are saved by God’s grace, as a free gift accepted by faith. But living into that salvation — what we call the Discipleship Pathway — includes learning how to use the gifts that God gives us so that our whole life is shaped and formed around our salvation and so that God can use our gifts as a part of his work of salvation in the world.

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Absolutely. No one is ever asked how much they give. Tithing is always a personal, spiritual discipline. We are committed to being an inviting, open congregation that welcomes everyone who comes to experience God’s love in Christ regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.