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First United Methodist Church of Fort Meade
Monday, June 25, 2018
Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors

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As a disciple of Jesus Christ you've chosen to embark on a life-long journey of following Jesus.  To help you on your journey, God has given you the wonderful gift of His Word, the Bible.  In the Bible, we find persons whose lives give us an example to follow as well as practical advice, stories, historical events, and poetry to speak to our souls.  We can also find examples of what not to do!  It’s all there for the taking, any time we want.

Following Jesus Christ becomes more fulfilling when we pursue healthy growth habits:  daily quiet time for praying and Bible reading, praying conversationally with God throughout the day, intentional Bible Study, and developing a growing heart for all people; especially the poor and those who don't yet know Jesus as Lord and Savior.  We can do these things alone and gathered together in small groups of believers. 

We invite you to dive deeply into the abundant life Jesus Christ wants for you.  Pursue knowledge of Him which will grow into a love for Him that you simply cannot contain within yourself.

But if you stay joined to Me and My words remain in you, you may ask any request you like, and it will be granted! John 15:7


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