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Sunday, May 20, 2018
Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors
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Prayer and Meditation

The primary purpose of prayer is to engage us in an intimate, growing relationship with God. Prayer is the discipline by which we share our life with God, and God shares life with us. Wherever you are, approach prayer as a conversation with God. Just like other relationships in life, your prayer relationship with God will grow and change over time.



Below you will find suggestions and resources to help you develop a discipline of Prayer at different levels on your faith journey.


  • Start your day asking God to guide your day 
  • End your day by praying the Lord's prayer 
  • Pray before meals giving thanks to God

Getting Started

  • Start your day on your knees praying for God’s guidance (getting on your knees is a reminder that he is guiding your life) 
  • Pray for the needs of others in your life, your community, and around the world 
  • Reflect on your day, and confess your struggles to God

Going Deeper

  • Set aside intentional time each day to pray 
  • Learn new methods of prayer — you can start with the list of resources below. 
  • Find a prayer partner — encourage each other based on a commitment to prayer that you share together

Centering on Christ

  • Unceasing prayer 
  • Learn about contemplative prayer 
  • Spend time in silence and solitude each day

Resources for Prayer

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